Logo for the Cattle Drive Cafe in Coleman, TX


Handmade Onion Rings
A mountain of hand breaded,
golden fried onion rings
Regular 9.95           Large 12.95

O’Steen Fried Pickles
Sliced pickles, breaded & fried golden &
crispy Served with ranch dressing 10.95

Bottle Caps

Sliced red & green jalapenos battered &
fried golden served with ranch dressing 8.95

Chicken Wings
Bone-in chicken wing, deep fried
to crispy perfection & tossed with
traditional Buffalo or BBQ sauce &
served with a side of ranch dressing
6 Piece 9.95           12 Piece 12.95


Ranch, Italian, 1000 Island, French, Oil & Vinegar



Taco Salad -Texas size taco salad. Fresh ground beef with lettuce, tomatoes,
cheese served in a hand fried Texas sized taco shell



Grilled Chicken Salad – Chicken breast served on top of a harvest blend lettuce or
spinach with tomatoes, cucumbers & cheese



Chef Salad -Sliced turkey & sliced ham served on top of a harvest blend lettuce
with tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced hard boiled eggs & cheese


Burgers & Sandwiches


Includes hand cut french fries or chips

CD Cafe Burger -12 oz fresh ground beef, lettuce, tomato, & onion



Hangry Heifer – CD Cafe burger with bacon, grilled onions, & jalapenos



Steak Sandwich – Hand sliced sirloin, grilled onion, jalapeno & cheese on a hoagie
bun with ranch dressing



Club Sandwich – Sliced turkey breast, ham, smoked bacon, Swiss & American
cheese with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo sandwiched between three sliced of
toasted white or wheat bread



Turkey, Bacon, Avocado Sandwich – Sliced turkey breast, smoked bacon,
avocado, Swiss cheese with lettuce, tomato & mayo served on white or wheat



Grilled Jalapenos, Sauteed Mushrooms or Grilled Onion .75
Cheese – American, Cheddar, or Swiss .95
Bacon – 1.25

Little Ranchers Menu

Corn dog & fries      4.95
Chicken Nuggets (5) & fries     4.95

Grilled Cheese & fries     4.95
Mac & Cheese & fries     4.95


Fountain: Dr Pepper, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barqs Root Beer & Lemon Aid 2.25


Bottled: Smart Water, Barqs Root Beer, Topo Chico Orig & Grapefruit 3.00


Tea: Sweet & Unsweet 2.25


   Beer    2.75


Premium Beer   3.00


Wine by the Glass   5.00


Served after 5:00 pm


All entrees served with house salad, potatoes (fried, baked or mashed) & toast


Lil Heifer Center-Cut Sirloin Steak – 8 oz.



Hamburger Steak – hand ground beef patty cooked to order, smothered with
onions & brown gravy



Chicken Fried Steak – fresh cut Certified Hereford Beef cutlet, seasoned & hand
breaded served with peppered cream gravy



Grilled Chicken -brined chicken breast grilled to perfection



Fried catfish hand breaded, served with french fries & hush puppies


Blackened catfish served on a bed of herb seasoned rice



Traditional 16 oz KC aged, hand cut & grilled to order for one or more

1 – 20.95
2 – 38.95

3 – 56.95
4 – 74.95

5 – 92.95
6 – 110.95

extra setup 7.95

CD Cafe Ribeye 18 oz hand cut, 21+ day aged to perfection beef ribeye



Todd’s Bone-in Ribeye 30 oz bone-in Ribeye hand cut, 21+ day aged




Rare: cool red center – Medium Rare: warm red center – Medium: pink throughout
Medium Well: – touch of pink – Well Done: no pink (NOT RECOMMENDED)